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GN Solids Control has a branch company in Houston, Texas. As the branch company of GN, GN Solids America LLC now has many shakers and mud cleaners stocking in Houston, besides thousands of shaker screens are also in stock. GN Solids Control has been working on manufacturing shale shakers and mud cleaners for many years. Until now, GN Solids shale shakers and mud cleaners have been using in thousands of drilling rig sites. In order to provide the best lead time, GN Solids America LLC keeps 6 sets shakers a

GN Solids Control provided hundreds sets of solids control and waste management systems to global customers this year. As the branch company of GN Solids Control, GN Solids America LLC also helped North America and South America customers treat different slurry by using GN customized solids and liquid separation systems. Today we would like to share one GN Oil Sludge Treating System that we provided to a Kazakhstan customer. This customer collects different oil cuttings and refinery plant sludge from diff

GN Solids Control is especially good at providing solids and liquid separation equipment to oil and gas area. As we all know, GN Solids Control equipment like shale shaker, de-sander, de-silter and mud cleaner as well as centrifuge and the other solids control and waste management treating equipment are widely using in hot summer and cold winter areas. Last month, GN Solids Control delivered some solids and liquid separation treating equipment to Uzbekistan, where the weather will be around -50 C degree.

GN Solids Control just finished manufacturing of many sets decanter centrifuges and shale shakers for one European customer. As the key treating equipment of drill mud, shaker and decanter centrifuge are widely used in different rig sites. GN Solids Control has a long history of manufacturing solids control and waste management treating equipment and systems. And GN equipment users are widely spread in more than 72 countries and regions. By word of mouth, GN Solids Control successfully won the business or

GN Solids Control manufactures hundreds of solids control systems for global customer every year. Based on customers’ particular demands, GN Solids Control professional engineers will provide a tailored system to satisfying them. GN Solids Control last month delivered one whole set of solids control system for an Indian company’s 1500HP drilling rig. Until now, GN Solids Control has provided different solid control systems more than seventy countries. GN Solids Control won its reputation based on thou

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