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GN Solids Control finished manufacturing of 2 sets big bowl centrifuges this week for a India client. GN Solids Control has provided thousands sets of decanter centrifuges to oil and gas customers to treat drilling mud or drill cuttings. In order to have one safe working environment, GN Solids Control provides ATEX Zone I explosion proof standard driven motors and VFD control cabinets for these 2 big bowl centrifuges. GN big bowl centrifuge is actually one centrifuge with 22inch size rotating bowl. Now GN

GN Solids Control has provided thousands sets of decanter centrifuges since the beginning of GN Solids Control opening. As one of the largest solids control and waste management equipment providers, GN Solids Control centrifuges are widely using in many countries to separate water from solids. Last year, GN Solids Control provided one set of containerized centrifuge treating system for a Singapore client. This centrifuge treating system is also equipped with GN flocculent system. The centrifuge and the fl

GN Solids Control has been participated in OTC for many years. As one of the largest oil and gas shows in the world, OTC has thousands of professional visitors and exhibitors, many newly developed products will be exhibited in this show, cutting edge technology will also be shared and thoroughly discussed. As always, GN Solids Control will participated in 2018 OTC show and will also have 2 booths: one for GN Solids Control (Headquarters) and one for GN Solids America (Houston Branch Company). 2018 OTC ex

As one solids control and waste management system expert, GN Solids Control has been providing thousands of whole treating systems for global customers. This week, GN Solids Control just finished the manufacturing of several drilling waste treating systems. These drilling waste treating systems are put in one standard 40ft container, which can be moved easily when customer move among different rig sites. GN Solids Control treating systems and waste management treating systems are widely using in 72 countr

Happy 2018 China Lunar New Year! As GN Solids Control headquarters is located in China, GN Solids Control would like to give the sincere thanks to all GN friends. To all, GN Solids Control would like to say Happy China Lunar New Year. The 2018 China Lunar year is dog year. As the dog barks sound like ‘flourishing’ or ‘prosperous’ in China language, we wish all GN friends will have a flourishing 2018 dog year. GN Solids Control has been providing thousands sets of Solids Control Treating Units and

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