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Screen for Mongoose Shaker
GN Solids Control is a top manufacturer for various solids control and waste management equipment. With 2 manufacturing plants, GN Solids Control just delivered one set 40ft container that filled with over 1000pcs composite frame shaker screens.  GN Solids Control manufacturing plant mainly provides composite frame shaker screens. As composite frame shaker screens are much better than the usual metal frame shaker screens.  GN composite frame screens are using metal bones which are welded by automatic

As a leading manufacturer, GN Solids America LLC and Hebei GN Solids Control CO., Ltd. participate in the OTC show every year. During the past, GN Solids America and GN Solids Control attended this show separately with different booth. For the 2017 OTC, GN Solids Control’s booth is NRG Center with the booth no. of 1369-6; while GN Solids America LLC will have a booth in NRG Arena, booth no. is 8834.  GN Solids Control has been participated in the OTC show since 2010, the first show was a large success

GN Solids America LLC is glad to inform all GN friends that Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd. (the headquarters of GN Solids America LLC) will be participated in the 2017 CIPPE show. CIPPE is one of the largest oil and gas show in the world, every year it will has one main show in Beijing in March and in Shanghai it will has another show near October.  As the top show in Asia, Beijing CIPPE show draws great attention from global oil and gas industries. GN Solids Control as the leading manufacturer for s

As a leading separation manufacturer, GN Solids Control has been providing various leading solids control and waste management equipment and turnkey solutions. GN Solids just developed one new product: Centrifugal Degasser, also called Atmospheric Degasser.  GN newly developed centrifugal degasser is GNLCQ300A, liquid flow is 300m3/h and the largest air flow capacity is 30m3/h. Compared to the Vacuum Degasser, GN centrifugal degasser has many advantages although the treating efficiency is almost the sam

The 2017 Chinese Spring Festival is the largest holiday for all Chinese. Just like Christmas holiday, this is a time for family reunion, relax and have fun! Here GN Solids America LLC would like to give the best wishes for all GN friends, thanks for all the support in the past 2016 and may we have a better cooperation in 2017.    Chinese are all hard-work and value the relationship with families and friends. At the end of 2016, Chinese stores and factories will close; workers will have around 2 week

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