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The New Year 2018 is just around the corner! Here GN Solids Control would like to give the sincere thanks for all GN customers. Happy New Year and wish all the best for the coming 2018. The past 2017 is not a very good year, especially when we discussed the global economy grow speed getting slowly, the oil price is floating up and down and the trade protectionism getting higher. Luckily, our business grows largely in the traditional oil and gas market due to the policy of promoting GN made shaker screens

GN Solids Control has been provided thousands of solids and liquid separation treating equipment to global customers. GN Solids Control treating equipment includes shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner as well as varieties of shaker screens. GN Solids Control waste management treating equipment includes decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer. Besides those above solids and liquid treating equipment, GN Solids Control also provides many auxiliary treating unit that can be used together with GN Soli

GN Solids Control has three manufacturing plants in China, 2 of them close to Beijing International Airport and 1 is in Hebei Province. GN Headquarters is located in Langfang, China. Many advanced manufacturing equipment are used in GN plant in order to provide the best quality product.  GN Solids Control just rebuilds one of the workshops in GN headquarters. In this workshop there is one Ball Blasting Production Line, Automatic Painting Line, and Powder Coating Line. GN Solids Control also has one auto

GN Solids Control manufactures various feeding pumps such as Vacuum Pump, Submersible Pump, Screw Pump, Centrifugal Pump as well as Shear Pump etc. GN Solids Control feeding pumps are largely used in many different areas to feed slurry or drilling cuttings, industrial waste water to GN Solids Control treating equipment. Today we would like to introduce GN Solids Control Vacuum Pump. GN Solids Control Vacuum pump is one of the most cost effective feeding pumps to transfer large gravity and high viscosity d

GN Solids Control provided 2 sets of cuttings dryer to one Russia customer last week. As one of the leading drilling waste treating equipment manufacturers, GN Solids Control has manufactured and provided hundreds of cuttings dryers to global customers.  GN Solids Control and Waste Management treating equipment are largely used by most of the drilling customers or service companies. As one of the largest market, GN Solids Control treating equipment is also pretty popular in Russia. These 2 sets cuttings

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