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GN Solids Control manufactures various centrifuges; the smallest centrifuge rotating bowl is 9 inch, which is especially used for diamond drilling slurry treating or core drilling slurry separation and mining slurry treating etc. GN mini centrifuge can be also used in the pig or chicken manure drying process.  GN Solids Control has provided many sets mini centrifuge GNLW223 for small volume slurry separation in the past years. The 9 inch rotating centrifuge treating volume is around 26GPM (suffer to cha

GN Solids Control just finished the manufacturing of over 10 sets shale shakers and decanter centrifuges of one Russia customer. This year, GN Solids Control has sold many solids control equipment than last year although the oil price is pretty low.    GN Solids Control has been providing solids control equipment like shale shakers, decanter centrifuge, cuttings dryer and some other waste management equipment for many years. This order was placed by one old customer, as they have widely tested the qua

GN Solids Control has rich experience on waste management. During the past years, GN Solids Control has provided thousands sets of drill cuttings management systems. GN Solids Control equipment can be used to treat the Oil Base Cuttings and Water Base Cuttings.  Several weeks before, GN Solids Control just finished the manufacturing of one whole set water base cuttings system for one Beijing customer. The WBM Treating System is including the main following equipment:  1. GN Hi-G Shaker GN Hi-G (GNZS5

As a branch company of GN Solids Control, GN Solids America LLC registered in 2013 and started business in 2014. Time fly so fast, now GN Solids America LLC is 3 years old.  GN Solids America LLC is in the oil and gas center of Texas, which is Houston. Company address is 6710 Windfern Rd, Houston, TX 77040 which is on 280 close to 8.  Although GN Solids America LLC is still a toddler, with the great support of GN Solids Control, more and more oil and gas companies have already known that GN Solids has

Shale Shaker
GN Solids Control has been working on solids and liquid separation for many years. GN Solids Control equipment have been largely used in the various industries which include oil and gas, diamond drilling, core drilling, mining, dredging solids control. With those successful experiences, GN shaker and centrifuge can also be used in treating soils, sludges and waste in the construction area.  As more and more cities paying great attention on the waste slurry control, the hydro vac waste need to be treated

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