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GN solids control have vertical cuttings dryer package in stock for sale for the main decanter centrifuge in the solids control system.

The complete vertical cuttings dryer is used for effective & continuous recovery of base fluid from drill cuttings of SOBM (Synthetic Oil Based Mud), at Drilling Rigs, including one unit of vertical cuttings dryer, one unit of polishing centrifuge to polish the effluent from the vertical cuttings dryer, auger system to feed the drilling cuttings from the solids control system to the vertical G dryer, auger to collect the discharged solids from the vertical G dryer, flush pump to flush the vertical cuttings dryer, holding tank and accessories, telescopic skid for both the polishing centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer.

cuttings dryer

The main centrifuge unit including decanter centrifuge, telescopic skid, feeding pump and VFD control panel. The decanter centrifuge unit is used to maintain proper Mud Density and Viscosity, for effective & continuous recovery of Barites and removal of low specific gravity solids, suitable for the process of weighted and un weighted, Synthetic oil based drilling fluids (drilling mud system), at Drilling Rigs.

There are 3 size screen opening screen basket for option, it is a wear parts which need to be replaced regularly according to the cuttings size, solids content etc. specs. The screen itself is individually balanced for future replacement. And the screen is separated from the frame which allows you to change the screen only, not need to change the frame inside. Once the screen is blocked commonly, we suggest the client to use the coarse screen opening instead. For GN standard drilling waste management system, we provide crane for screen basket replacement conveniently.

The VFD control panel is with PLC smart control for 3 motors variable speed control, with emergency shutdown, over torque monitor and automatically shut down, over heating sensor of the bearing, etc.


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