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GN Solids Control provided 2 sets of cuttings dryer to one Russia customer last week. As one of the leading drilling waste treating equipment manufacturers, GN Solids Control has manufactured and provided hundreds of cuttings dryers to global customers. 

GN Solids Control and Waste Management treating equipment are largely used by most of the drilling customers or service companies. As one of the largest market, GN Solids Control treating equipment is also pretty popular in Russia. These 2 sets cuttings dryers are put in one standard 40Ft container, which is especially to use on cold winter and fast move. 

Here are the main components in these 2 sets containerized cuttings dryer system:

1. GNCD930 Cuttings Dryer

GN Cuttings Dryers are mainly used to treat OBM, SBM. Solids larger than 250 microns can be separated out by using GN cuttings dryer’s smallest screen basket size. High rotating speed flight provides a large G force to push the drilling cuttings against the screen basket. VFD type cuttings dryer and fix speed cuttings dryer is optional. 

2. Cuttings Dryer Flushing Pump

Discharge ring of the cuttings dryer need to be cleaned after use for a while, here GN Solids Control provides one small flushing pump (screw pump). At the end of cuttings dryer stop working, GN Solids flushing pump is started for a while like 10 minutes. 

3. Mud Tank & Mud Agitator

Liquid discharged from cuttings dryer will be send to one mud tank, where a mud agitator is also fixed to keep the slurry from sediment. 

4. Centrifuge Feeding Pump

The slurry will be feed into one decanter centrifuge by using one centrifuge feeding screw pump. The centrifuge is fixed outside of this container, sometime it can also be put into the standard container. 

5. Screw Conveyor 

Drilling cuttings discharged from the dryer is transferred by a screw conveyor. 

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