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GN Solids Control helps customers to treat different solids and liquid by using GN customized mud recycling systems. It's well known that USA and Canada has an increasing demand on the hydrovac slurry treating.
GN Solids Control has provided multiple sets hydrovac slurry treating systems to USA and Canada. GN Hydrovac Slurry Treating system can help customer to separate out most of the solids from hydrovac slurry which can be used for road construction and also recover water which can be reused for hydro excavating.
With more and more GN Hydrovac slurry treating systems successfully used in North America, GN engineers also succeed to upgrade GN hydrovac slurry treating system to suit customer better.
Here are the main treating components in GN hydrovac slurry treating system:
1. GN Hi-Cap Shaker Treating Unit
GN Hi-Cap shaker treating unit is composed by GN Hi-cap Shaker (fixed with composite frame opening mesh shaker screens), GN Mud Tank and GN Submersible Pump as well as GN mud agitators.
2. GN Shaker and Desilter Treating Unit
GN finer shaker and GN desilte is the second and third phase treating unit. Slurry is feed into GN finer shaker first, then feed into GN desilter. Both GN shake and GN desilter are assembled with GN made composite frame shaker screens which last longer.
In order to keep the hydrovac slurry from sediment, GN puts 2 mud agitators on the shaker tank and keeps rotating.
GN ViST unit is optional, it can be fixed underneath the first piece of shaker screens in order to recycle most the fluids and get dryer solids.
3. GN Centrifuge Treating Unit
As the key treating equipment, GN centrifuge plays a vital important role. A chemical dosing unit is used in order to separate out finer solids, it pumps chemicals into GN decanter centrifuge automatically.
Generally speaking, 20-45 hydrovac truck loads can be treated.

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