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GN Solids Control has provided 2 sets offshore drilling shaker systems for CNOOC. These 2 GN offshore shaker mud systems are customized to suit the offshore drilling platform well. As a turnkey solution provider, GN Solids Control has provided thousands of solids control and liquid separation treating equipment.
GN solids control and drilling waste management systems are largely used in onshore and offshore drilling sites. Usually the offshore has more strict structure demands due to the working room is pretty narrow and there are many strand must follow rules such as the lifting must comply with DNV lifting regulations. Both these GN offshore drilling shaker systems has DNV lifting ears and pads for convenient move, GN Solids Control invite a third party to proceed and provide the DNV lifting certificate.
Here are the main components in one single offshore drilling shaker system:
1. GN Shale Shaker
One set GN Hi-G shale shaker is fixed on the top of a mud tank. Drilling mud is feed into this shaker so large solids (usually over 100microns) can be separated out. Flushing outlets and spraying cover are also fixed so the shaker screens can be cleaned after using for a while.
GN solids control manufacture the most cost effective shaker screens by using composite frame, which are proved to working even better than OEM shake screens.
2. GN Mud Agitator
On the left side of GN shaker, a heavy duty mud agitator is fixed to keep the drilling mud from settling. Due to the mud tank height it is very small, here we provide single layer impeller. However, for mud tank over 2m it’s necessary to use double impellers.
3. GN Mud Tank
This GN mud tank is fixed with DNV lifting certified ears. Shaker and mud agitator is fixed on top of the mud tank.
BTW, GN Solids Control provides free customized color and logo service for customers’ whole mud systems.

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