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GN Oil Slugde/ Slurry treaing systems are customized to treat drill cuttings, refinery plant sludge, oil sludge etc. 

1.Air Compressor
Air compressor system includes screw air compressor, air storage tank, C grade filter, cool and dry machine, T grade filter and A grade filter. When the screw air compressor is turned on, compressed air goes to air storage tank first, filtered and dried by those afterwards machines and provides to diaphragm?pump and vacuum pump.
2.Vacuum Pump
Vacuum pump sucks the slurry from mud pit and send it into #1 premixing and heating tank.

3.1#Premixing and Heating Tank
GN vacuum pump send the slurry into GN premixing tank, where slurry is diluted by adding water, hot oil pipes heat the slurry and agitators mix the slurry as well. In the premixing and heating tank, oil is separated from the sludge and transferred by submersible pump into #2 V Tank.
#2 V Tank unit includes V tank, bottom screw conveyor, diaphragm pump, pipes and walk ways etc. Sludge is mixed and sheared by the bottom screw conveyor of #1 premixing and heating tank: most of the oil floats on the top layer of #2 V tank and pumped by a diaphragm pump into #5 unit’s #2 oil surge tank, small portion oil goes to #3 unit’s shaker by centrifugal pump with those solids.

5.3# Shaker & Centrifuge Tank

Slurry that transferred by centrifugal pump to shaker where large particles are removed. #1 Screw pump send the slurry into #1 centrifuge for second phase separating. Solids after treated by #1 centrifuge falls to the centrifuge tank and are diluted again; liquid overflow to #2 centrifuge tank of #4 centrifuge and disc-centrifuge. Slurry in #1 centrifuge tank is pumped by #2 screw pump into #2 centrifuge: solids fall into cuttings box, liquid falls into #2 centrifuge tank and then feed into #1 disc-centrifuge by an inline pump to finish 3 phase separating. Meanwhile, #3 Screw pump is fixed near #1 centrifuge tank, such the slurry into #1 SMO and send it back to #1 centrifuge tank.

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