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GN Solids Control is excited to announce our new branch company GN Separation and Conveying. It’s well known to all that GN Solids Control is a top brand of solids and liquid separation equipment manufacturer. As there are more and more increasing demands on the separation and conveying equipment, GN Solids Control decided to establish another new company.
GN Separation and Conveying has a large manufacturing plant in Yutian, close to current GN Langfang factory. Manufacturing plant is even larger than GN Langfang factory.
In GN Separation and Conveying manufacturing plant, GN will manufacture most of those solid and liquid separation equipment and conveying or transferring equipment as well as the other separators.
GN Separation and Conveying equipment can be widely used in the following areas:
1.Environmental Solution
2.Mining Industry
3.Chemical Industry
4.Food Industry
All those above mentioned industry has a large usage of GN Separation and Conveying equipment. The main treating equipment is GN decanter centrifuge (includes 2 phase centrifuge and 3 phase centrifuge). GN Solids Control centrifuge has thousands of successful projects that before mainly in oil and gas slurry treating, industrial slurry treating and HDD slurry treating.
In order to provide the most suitable treating equipment, GN Separation and Conveying hired several top expert from China to help GN design and manufacture these treating equipment. Just take an example of GN decanter centrifuge as an example. GN Centrifuges is the key treating equipment to eliminate solids larger than 2~5 microns. GN Separation and Conveying equipment also includes different types of transfer pumps, such as centrifugal pumps and vacuum pumps.
GN Separation and Conveying Equipment will help customer to solve their problems with the most cost-effective solutions. With the former treating experiences and thousands of successful projects, GN Solids Control is able to help GN Separation and Conveying to grow and develop step by step.


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