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This week GN Solids Control went to Abu Dhabi and participated in ADIPEC (which is short for The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference). The 2017 ADIPEC was held from Nov. 13th to Nov. 16th this year. 

GN Solids Control has been participated in this show for many times, every year GN Solids Control met hundreds of regular customers and also knew thousands of new customers. ADIPEC is one of the largest oil and gas shows in Middle East. Besides ADIPEC, GN Solids Control also participates in some other famous shows like OTC, GPS in North America every year. And GN Solids America as the branch company of GN Solids Control also attends various conferences and shows every year. 

GN Solids Control brought some pieces of newly developed shaker screens to this show. As one of the largest shaker screen manufacturers, GN Solids Control provides more than five thousand pieces shaker screens to global customers. GN Solids Control shaker screens are also widely used in more than 70 countries or regions. 

Now GN Solids Control shaker screen product line covers all the famous screens. GN Solids Control is able to provide the most cost effective shaker screens to replace those OEM screens. Shaker screen product line includes replacement screens for NOV Venom/ King Cobra/ Cobra, Mi-Swaco Mongoose, Fluid System etc. All those above screens are composite frame screens: inside supporting frame is welded by robot welding machine and outside is covered with high quality plastic. 

GN Solids Control also provides turn-key solids and liquid separation solutions to meet customers’ demands pretty well. GN Solids Control products include: shaker, decanter centrifuge, de-sander, de-silter and mud cleaner. Cutting treating equipment include cutting dryer, screw conveyor etc. GN Solids Control also provides various feeding pumps include centrifuge pump, screw pump, shear pump, vacuum pump etc. 


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