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GN Solids Control has three manufacturing plants in China, 2 of them close to Beijing International Airport and 1 is in Hebei Province. GN Headquarters is located in Langfang, China. Many advanced manufacturing equipment are used in GN plant in order to provide the best quality product. 

GN Solids Control just rebuilds one of the workshops in GN headquarters. In this workshop there is one Ball Blasting Production Line, Automatic Painting Line, and Powder Coating Line. GN Solids Control also has one automatic robot welding line. 

It’s a trend that more and more advanced manufacturing equipment are using in China heavy equipment manufacturing product line. As the leading manufacturer of solids control equipment and waste management manufacturer, GN Solids Control always devoted to provide the most cost effective equipment for worldwide customers. 

GN Solids Control now has some advanced CNC machines centers which can provide high precision mechanical components, such as rotating bowl on the decanter centrifuge. GN Solids Control also has one whole shaker screen production line, from the shake screen automatic robot welding machine to the injection molding equipment. 

GN Solids Control product line includes the following products and equipment, mud cleaners, shale shakers, de-sanders, de-silters and decanter centrifuges as well as cuttings dryers. GN Solids Control also provides shaker screens that basically cover all those most famous shaker screens like Mi-Swaco Mongoose, Derrick 500 series or 2000 series and FSI etc. 

GN Solids Control established one USA branch company in 2014. It’s almost 4 years, GN Solids America LLC is still a baby company, but more and more companies get to know GN Solids. GN Solids America LLC has one large warehouse in Houston, over 5000 pieces shaker screens are stocking in Houston, which are ranging from API 20 to API 300 for most of those commonly used shaker screens. 

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