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GN Solids Control delivered 2 sets decanter centrifuges to Canada this year. Several weeks ago, those 2 centrifuges were both set up in customer’s worksite, and customers are very satisfied with GN centrifuge working performance.


GN Solids Control is a leading decanter centrifuges manufacturers from China. Until now, GN decanter centrifuges are exported to more than sixty countries. GN Solids Control professional engineers keep improving and upgrading GN centrifuges based feedbacks collected from worksites and also newly developed technology are used in latest version centrifuges. 

These 2 centrifuges are GNLW553 (22inch decanter centrifuge) and GNLW363 (14inch decanter centrifuge). 22 inch centrifuge is used for first phase separation, middle rotating speed. Large solids can be removed; while the 14 inch centrifuge is used for second phase separation, high rotating speed, eliminate finer solids. Flocculation unit is also used in order to separate out those much finer solids. 

This Canada customer is using GN decanter centrifuge to treat the wasted soil. Clean soil is recovered from the waste and can be reused for construction. 

GN Solids Control made decanter centrifuge is using SS2205 material to make the rotating bowl. Solid and liquid discharge ports are protected by wear resistance alloy. The inside screw proper is fixed many pieces of tungsten carbide tiles by bolts, long use life time and easy maintenance. 

GN Solids Control is only devoted to provide the best quality products. All GN made centrifuges are thoroughly tested before leave factory. GN dynamic balance machine is and some other testing tools guarantee GN centrifuges can perform well. 

Now in GN Houston warehouse, GN Solids Control has 2 sets 14inch decanter centrifuges and 2 sets 9 inch baby decanter centrifuges. GN Solids Control also keeps centrifuge spare parts stocking in Houston. GN service engineers are always ready to solve our customers’ problems. 


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