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Happy 2018 China Lunar New Year! As GN Solids Control headquarters is located in China, GN Solids Control would like to give the sincere thanks to all GN friends. To all, GN Solids Control would like to say Happy China Lunar New Year.
The 2018 China Lunar year is dog year. As the dog barks sound like ‘flourishing’ or ‘prosperous’ in China language, we wish all GN friends will have a flourishing 2018 dog year.
GN Solids Control has been providing thousands sets of Solids Control Treating Units and Drilling Waste Management Systems. GN Solids Control also has one branch company in Houston, TX, which can stock some shakers, decanter centrifuges as well as spare parts in Houston. GN Solids Control also has over 5,000 pcs shaker screens stocking in Houston, which cover most of those popular shaker screens.
GN Solids Control has been working on manufacturing shake screens from the very beginning. At first, GN Solids Control mainly focuses on manufacturing metal frame shaker screens. As time goes by, GN Solids Control starts to manufacture composite frame shaker screens. Now GN Solids Control shaker screens can be used to replace screens like Mongoose, King Cobra/ Cobra, FSI5000 etc.
GN Solids Control shaker screens has been largely tested that we are even better than OEM screens. Glad to see that USA activate drilling rigs quantity is keeping increasing these days. We still remember that USA drilling rigs was cut to around 400 in a short time. But now, the Spring is finally coming. So glad to notice the oil price is keeping increasing, we do believe 2018 will be a harvest year for all oil and gas industries.
Now GN Solids Control is looking for shaker screens distributors in North America. GN Solids Control manufactures the most cost-effective shaker screens in the world, if you are working on shaker screen business; please don’t hesitate to connect with GN Solids Control. You will be impressed if compared with the other shaker screens.

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