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In the beginning of this year, GN Solids Control provides one set of soil remediation system to one USA customer. While after that system has been used for several months, GN Solids Control receives a second order on the soil remediation system. 

This soil remediation system is used to treat those contaminated soil collected from different work sites. Different size products can be recycled by using this system. Basically, this system is designed based on customer’s particular demands. 

Here are the main products in GN Soil Remediation System:

1. Coarse Shaker

GN Coarse shaker is used to separate out those large solids inside the soil. All the soil are transported by vacuum truck and discharged into a feeding hopper. GN coarse shaker treats the solids in a large volume which have a high demand. 

2. Shale Shaker

After treated by the shale shaker, one submersible pump sucks the slurry and feed into the shale shaker. Here shale shaker and coarse shaker are both used to fix with opening mesh shaker screens. 

3. De-silter

De-silter is used to treat the finer slurry after treated by shale shaker. Usually de-silter is used to separate out solids larger than 25micorns. Those solids separated by de-silter will fall into the bottom opening shaker and dry the solids. All the shaker and de-silter are equipped with USA Martin or Italy OLI brand vibrator. 

4. Decanter Centrifuge

GN decanter centrifuge is used to separated out those solids larger than 2~5 microns. 

5. Flocculation Unit

GN flocculation unit is used to mix the chemicals and feed into decanter centrifuge. By using flocculation unit, GN decanter centrifuge is can separate out those much finer solids. 

GN Solids sends engineers to customers’ worksite and help to set up this system. As the branch company of GN Solids Control, GN Solids Control has those spare parts stocking in Houston warehouse which can be delivered in a short period. 

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