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GN Solids America LLC

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Add:6710 Windfern Road, Houston, TX 77040,USA


Hydrovac evacuation is a new method to route cables and underground utility pipelines in cities. Its main advantage is non destructive, it would not hurt the facility underneath. Also it is high efficient, it cuts the ground open in a few minutes contributed to the high pressure of water spray in the form of “water knife”. As is always the case, everything has two sides. This applies to hydrovac evacuation as well. This process generates a lot of mud. Many local governments forbidden the dumping of

GN Solids Control is a strong manufacturer for equipment in solids control, separation and conveyance. Its revenue has been increasing rapidly. Automation technology plays an important role for this outstanding performance. To GN Solids Control, automation technology has special meaning. On one side, it is crucial to apply it in the manufacturing process. On the other hand, it improves efficiency and quality for the performance of its equipment/solutions. For manufacturing, automation and control can re

GN Solids Control is a fast development manufacturer of equipment for solids control, separation and conveyance equipment. Its equipment is being used in more than 72 countries contributing to customer’s operation. In addition to manufacturing high quality equipment, GN Solids Control also pays a lot of attention to customer service, it deems customer service as part of its commitment to its customers. Recently one of the customers of GN Solids Control requested GN’s engineer to move its HMI to a

GN Solids Control is a major manufacturer for equipment of solids control, GN separation and conveyance. It was established in 2007 small annual revenue. Now the annual revenue of GN Solids Control increased more than 100 times. Each year its sale revenue increase at two digits. It doubles its manufacturing space almost every 5 years. It No. 3 manufacturing complex of 80,000 square meters was partially finished this year and will be fully operational by 2021. If we review the path GN Solids Control has

GN Solids Control is a famous manufacturer of equipment for solids control, separation and conveyance equipment. It also provides turnkey solutions to its customers which includes dewatering system. Recently a customer of GN’s dewatering system was shocked when it learned the price. It is only a small fraction of the price of dewatering system made in North America. It thought GN Solids Control provides lower quality equipment. GN Sales representative explained to them that, instead of being low in qua

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