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GN Solids America LLC

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Shale shaker for oil and gas drilling is a widely used equipment in petroleum industry. It is very simple in terms of operation principle. However it requires pretty high technology to make shale shaker reliable. GN Solids Control began manufacturing shale shaker in the middle of first decade after 2000. Now its shale shaker is one of the top-of-the-line one in world market. There is a long story about the effort GN Solids Control made to achieve this target. In the early period of product development,

With the fast development of China economy, people around the world take it for granted that product from China should be low priced, but the quality is not as good as products from western countries. This situation is changing now for equipment from GN Solids Control. Equipment by GN Solids Control is becoming better while still remain competitive in price. In this article we will present reasons for the competitive advantage of equipment by GN Solids Control. We will deliver reasons for good quality o

 The reason to enable GN Solids Control to turn out reliable and performing dewater system is just one word, useful. The purpose of manufacturing is to make your products, the equipment, useful to your customer, this is the principle GN management has always been emphasizing and practicing. In order to make its equipment , GN Solids Control went through a difficult path to make its equipment reliable. In other words, useful. 1. Accumulation of experience and expertise Let us take shale shaker of GN S

GNLW764A 30 inch decanter centrifuge is the biggest one GN Solids Control release to the market up till now. In order to give our reader to have good understanding of this machine, we list its features below. • Duplex stainless steel and special casting technique are used to manufacture rotating bowl and shaft for big and small end cap. Duplex stainless steel is stronger and more resistant to abrasion and corrosion. This manufacturing technique also eliminate intergranular corrosion and incomplete rel

As a reputable manufacturer of equipment for solids control, separation and conveyance, GN Solids Control provides high quality equipment to customers throughout the world. In addition to standard equipment such as two phase and three phase decanter centrifuges and disc separators, GN Solids Control also provides dewatering system for hydrovac evacuation, tunnel boring and many other applications where dewatering capability is needed.  With recent investigation, it was found that dewatering system is b

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