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GN Solids Control delivered one set of solids control system last June to a Chinese customer. Every year, GN Solids Control designs and manufactures hundreds of solids control systems to drilling customers from all over the world. China is also a very important market for GN, it takes around 30% market share of GN whole sales every year. The system that provided to a Chinese customer in June will be used in an oil and gas drilling rig sites to treat drilling mud. It mainly includes the following GN treati

Several Months ago, GN Solids Control provided a whole solids control system to a Indian customer. They will use that system for a 1500 HP drilling rig. GN Solids Control manufactures thousands of solids control equipment and turnkey treating solutions to global customers. Here are those equipment in this 1500HP drilling rig solids control system:1.3 Sets GN Shale ShakersGN shale shaker is the first phase treating equipment, all drilling mud is sent to GN shakers via a mud distribution box. GN shaker help

More and more North America customers are using GN Hydrovc slurry treating systems. GN hydrovac slurry systems can treat 30~50 truck loads every day (24 hours shift) when using 22 inch bowl GN centrifuge GNLW553. Centrifuge is the bottle neck in this system, 22 inch centrifuge flow rate is 15~25m3/h, and you can get 50~75m3/h capacity when use GN 30 inch centrifuge GNLW764. Hi-cap shaker we are using opening mesh shaker screens. It helps to block those large organics before feeding to finer shaker. And fe

GN Solids Control has provided some hydrovac slurry whole treating systems to many customers in North America. By using GN hydrovac slurry systems, customer can get dry solids and clear water. GN professional engineers help to tailor GN mud systems based on customers’ special demands. All systems are trying to meet each individual requirements. GN Hydrovac Slurry System can treat 30~50 hydrovac truck loads every day. Solids content ranging from 40%~70% is pretty typical slurry that can be treated by our

GN Solids Control provides turnkey solutions for oil and gas drilling mud treating, includes solids control, waste management and oil sludge treating. Last week, GN Solids Control delivered one large oil sludge treating system to a Chinese oil site. GN Solids Control Oil Sludge Treating Systems are largely used to treat oil sludge from oil tank bottom, drill cuttings from oil site, oil sludge from refinery plant etc. Basically, any high density or large viscosity oil sludge can be treated by GN Oil Sludge

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