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Dewatering Vibrating Screen

Widely used in the mining industry, coal industry, construction industry, metallurgy industry, and chemical industry, GN Linear Motion Dewatering Vibrating Screen is one of the most popular dewatering equipment on beneficiation, coal preparing, demineralization or desliming of iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, coal mine and other materials.
  • Description

    Linear Motion Dewatering Vibrating Screen

    GN Linear Motion Dewatering Vibrating Screen is largely widely used in beneficiation, coal preparation, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries. It adopts advanced technology to ensure the smart structure of the screen, large dewatering and dry discharge capacity while low energy consumption. This vibrating screen is anti-corrode and wear so it can be used in various working conditions. Tailored to meet customer requirements, its large processing capacity, stable performance and high efficiency always play a significant role various dewatering areas.

    GN dewatering vibrating screen is fixed with two vibrating motors, and the main screen deck moves in a linear motion comply with the the reverse self-synchronization principle. Materials are continuously fed directly or indirectly from the feeding port, materials above and below the screen panel are respectively discharged into the upper and lower receiving tanks and enter into the next process link after dewatered and disintermediated through the screen surface. Under the synchronously vibration, the screen force is transmitted to the materials on the screen, and the impacted materials are threw up on the screen surface for coarse and fine particles separation or solid and liquid separation.

    According to the properties of the materials on the customer's site, working angle between the directions of vibration force and the horizontal base can be designed . The materials running speed on the screen surface and the equipment processing capacity are both determined by the tilt angle.

    Linear Motion Dewatering Vibrating Screen- Technical Parameters

    Model GNLMZ1236 GNLMZ1536 GNLMZ1836 GNLMZ1848 GNLMZ2448
    Screen Area 4.32 m2 5.4 m2 6.48 m2 8.64 m2 11.52 m2
    Vibration Direction Angle 38~52 Degree
    Vibration Frequency 16 Hz
    Power 2*2.9 kW 2*2.9 kW 2*4.5 kW 2*5 kW 2*7 kW
    Double Amplitude 4~6 mm
    Screen Opening 0.2-25mm
    Dry Material Discharge Capacity 8~20 m3/h 12~25 m3/h 24~32 m3/h 25~35 m3/h 30~45 m3/h
    Installation Inclination ° ±4

    • The above parameters are for reference only and can be adjusted according to the customer's situation. The final quotation and technical agreement shall prevail.
    • The handling capacity of materials with the same size and different working conditions varies greatly. Please consult GN company for details.
    The above specification and parameters for reference only.

    Linear Motion Dewatering Vibrating Screen Main Features

    • Whole screen deck is is installed at a positive 4 degree which is adjustable, suitable for treating different materials.
    • Multiple layers design of the screen panel feeding is more conducive to dewatering treatment, and extend the service life of the screen panel.
    • Use rubber damping springs, good damping effect, low noise, small resonance field, good resilience, stable mechanical performance, long service life and low cost.
    • The wallboard is assembled by the HUCK rivets which are used for hydraulic tension assembly in stead of being welded. The steel plate with better impact toughness as cold bending is used. Due to the advanced free of welding stress design, wallboard is able to avoid the reduction of fatigue strength.
    • Optimize the screen’s structural strength and vibration quality to the greatest extent, reduce stress and extend the service life by finite element analysis, .
    • All the wet parts and easily worn parts are protected by corrosion-resistant, erosion resistant and wear-resistant polyurea using US made spraying machine.
    • Heat treatment after weld for all main components can effectively eliminate the welding stress.
    • Product serialization to meet the manufacturing requirements of different customers; Modular polyurethane screen panel, more convenient and more versatile to replace.

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