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GN Solids America LLC

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GN Solids Control just shipped 10 sets bored piling desanders to an Asian customer last week. As one of the largest mud treating systems manufactures, GN Solids Control has been providing different solids control systems to global customers. GN Solids Control made HDD mud treating systems are widely used in over seventy countries.
As one of the largest market, China has been using a lot of GN mud treating systems for many years. These 10 sets bored piling desanders are all shipped to a Chin big HDD contractor.
GN Solids Control made bored pilling desanders have different types, such as 200 GPM, 500 GPM and 1000 GPM. Other treating systems can be also customized based on customers’ special demands.
Here are the main components for these 10 sets bored pilling desanders.
1.Double Deck Shaker
GN Solids Control double check shaker is a 2 phase separating treating unit. As there one 10 inch cyclone fixed on the top of the shaker, so the bottom shaker is the primary treating deck which helps to remove those coarse solids in the slurry. While the top deck shaker is the second treating phase as it remove finer solids that treated by cyclones.
2.GN 10inch Cyclone
GN made 2 sizes of cyclcones include 4 inch cyclone and 10 inch cyclone. GN 4 inch cyclone is mainly used separate solids larger than 25 microns, and GN 10 inch cyclones used to eliminate solids larger than 55 microns. Here one big 10 inch cyclone is fixed on the top of the shaker.
3.GN Centrifugal Pump
One GN centrifugal pump is fixed on the side of the mud tank. It suck the slurry and feed into GN 10 inch cyclone. A second pump (usually submersible pump) is used to suck the slurry and pump to the bottom deck shaker.
4.GN Mud Tank
All the above treating equipment are fixed on a compact mud tank, easy to move among different sites.

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