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GN Solids America LLC

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GN Solids Control has been the most reputable manufacturer for equipment in solids control, separation and conveying.

The long product line of GN Solids Control covers all the equipment needed for the solids control work in oil and gas drilling, such as shakers, decanter centrifuges, various types of pumps, different type of degassers, etc.

The degassers shipped to China drilling company is vacuum degasser.

In the oil and gas drilling it is critical to keep the weight of the drilling mud so that proper drilling fluid density can be maintained. In the drilling process, gas can come into drilling fluid if gas formation is encountered during the drilling process whether it is CO2 or natural gas, or other types of gases. This can seriously reduce the density of drilling fluid and therefore the gas needs to be removed from drilling fluid.

There are different type of degassers such as poor boy degasser, vacuum degasser and centrifugal degasser.

Vacuum degasser works under the principle of vacuum suction.

There is a vacuum pump in the unit which generate vacuum inside the tank. Under atmospheric pressure drilling fluid is suck into the round tank and enter the hollowed shaft. There are many exits from where the drilling fluid will fly out from the shaft and hit the tank wall, then they turn into a thin layer and the gas captured inside the drilling fluid will break and escape out from the drilling fluid. The gas will be sucked away from the tank and send to safe location.

The advantage of this vacuum degasser is that vacuum pump plays two functions, to create vacuum inside the tank and such escaped gas away from the tank.

The vacuum degasser always work under constant temperature which is good the keep flammable gas safe.

If you have any questions please contact GN Solids Control.


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