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GN Solids America LLC

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Add:6710 Windfern Road, Houston, TX 77040,USA


GN Solids Control recently shipped a mud mixing system to a trenchless engineering company.

GN Solids Control has rich experience in the manufacturing of equipment for solids control, separation and conveying, especially on solids control for evacuation process such as drilling, Tunnel boring and trenchless evacuation.

The system consists of the following

• Hopper
• Transfer pump for the hopper
• Mud tank
• Mud agitator
• Discharge pump
• Electrical control system

This system is skid mounted and it can be transported easily.

GN Solids Control can make the control system automatic and incorporate this system into the big evacuation system via field bus, so that it can be controlled by the main control panel of the evacuation system.

This is a good example of thousands of tons of equipment manufactured by GN Solids Control servicing its customers throughout the world annually.

As a strong player in equipment manufacturing, GN Solids Control has strong merits as follows.

1. International vision. GN Solids Control defines itself as an international company which will serve worldwide customer regardless of distance and beliefs. Now its equipment is being used in Antarctic, in South America and in the equator area

2. Quality priority. GN Solids Control has been emphasizing this concept since its early period of busines. It requires all the parts, machining, fabrication and testing up to packaging flawless. This concept occupies the mind of its employees and in the behavior of this organization as a whole. This is the fundamental spirit sculptured in the entity which result in high quality and high-performance products such as shaker screens. It is easy to manufacture one screens but almost impossible to keep this consistency for a few million pieces but GN Solids Control makes it

3. Luxury equipment. One good example is the introduction of automatic welding system. This system substantially improves welding quality. The welding seam is as smooth as a mirror. One can almost see itself in the welding seam.

These features, along with many others, enables GN Solids Control to provide highly performing equipment.

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