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GN Solids America LLC

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GN Solids Control recently delivered solids control equipment for drilling rigs to service company.

As the most important manufacturer of solids control equipment in China, GN Solids Control has been shipping solids control equipment to customers all over the world.

This solids control system includes 4 shale shakers, GNZS594F, one mud cleaner GNZJ594F-3S16N, and 2 decanter centrifuges, GNLW454ET-VFD.

GN Solids Control is famous for its shale shakers. Its shakers have the following advantages.

  1. Advanced cutting technology (Laser / Plasma) which leads to very accurate cuttings
  2. Heat treatment technology for shaker basket to release internal stress
  3. Mechanical deck angle adjustment
  4. Patented shaker screen seal technology to avoid fine solids bypass
  5. World famous brand vibrating motors
  6. Optional ViST vacuum screen / for dryer solids

Because of the above advantages, it is called field work horse and outperforms many shakers from peer manufacturers.

GN decanter centrifuge has been performing very well in the field, due to continued R&D initiatives on decanter centrifuges. Many customers buy GN decanter centrifuge repeatedly.

The advantage of GN decanter centrifuges are:

  1. The bowls of GN decanter centrifuges are made of duplex stainless steel SS2304 which is twice as strong as regular stainless steel with better resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  2. The bowl of GN decanter centrifuge is made by centrifugal casting, mass distribution is much more uniform than traditional casting
  3. 3 step balancing. Balance is done at low, medium and high speed for the bowl, the conveyor and their assembly for good balance in the whole speed range
  4. The solids discharge ports of rotating bowl and the discharge ports of conveyor are protected by tungsten carbide inserts to prevent damage to the ports and secure the integrity of both the bowl and the conveyor
  5. Flexible pond depth allows adjustment of water depth for different separation requirement.
  6. The conveyor is protected by tungsten carbide tiles for longer life and easy maintenance by avoiding mass loss
  7. The screw is made from stainless steel with heat treatment, and the opening impeller will improve the centrifuge capacity
  8. Premium SKF bearings secure long service long

If you have any need for shale shaker or decanter centrifuge, please contact sales representatives  of GN Solids Control listed on our website, you will not be disappointed.





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