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GN Solids Control & EMEC hold the celebration of the strategic partnership cooperation On 12, March 2015, In Beijing, China, at GN Solids Control Headquarter. This celebration also includes the successful delivery of a big batch of decanter centrifuges to Egypt.

Signing Agreement

The Egyptian Mud & Chemical Engineering Company, Short Name is EMEC, which is the largest local mud and solids control services company in Egypt, they have business in many Africa and middle east countries like: Egypt, Algeria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia ,Libya etc.

 The General Manager  Mr. Zhou from GN made the speech for the celebration.  He said

“ I’d like to give my sincere thanks to Mr. Amir(The Executive Manager) and Egyptian Mud and Chemical Engineering Company. Thank you for giving us the cooperate opportunity, trust and support in the past years.”

“For the future cooperation, GN Solids Control will do our best to develop the most innovative excellent product for our partner. We will improve our quality control system, and manufacture the top quality products. Moreover, we will build a strong after sales team to provide the best & professional after sales services to our partner. We believe GN and EMEC will have more success in future cooperation.”


The Executive Manager Mr. Amir from EMEC also made the speech for the celebration. He said “EMEC & GN have decided to go into partnership agreement to work together in manufacturing and grow the service of solids control & waste management. GN & EMEC developed this big batch of equipment according to the international high standard”

“EMEC appreciate too much GN staff efforts to build this considerable size of fleet in short time. I’m looking for future success on grow considerably.”

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