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A milestone for the application of oil sludge system, GN Solids Control recently finished the onsite commissioning of one such system in China.

Oil sludge treatment system is developed by GN Solids Control in response to the ever-increasing demand to recover land from oil and gas contamination.

In the past, petroleum operators used to spray crude oil into pit next to wellsite. By that time people did not have a good sense of environmental protection. In some of the major crude producing area, petroleum was scattered everywhere. In the Winter, people burn crude oil for heat and daily life. In some of the pond there were tons of floating oil drifting with wind.

Nowadays policies for oil and gas contamination is getting tougher and there is a strong trend to recover contaminated land. GN Solids Control took initiative to protect the environment by developing and releasing oil sludge treatment system onto market.

This system uses mature technology from GN Solids Control such as shakers and decanter centrifuges, along with 3 phase disc separator to turn oil contaminated soil, maybe in the state of oil sludge, into oil, water and clean soil. The flow process is like this.

  • Tanks holds and buffer incoming and intermediate separated slurries and clean solids with chemicals. Agitators on top of the tanks stir slurries for better separation result
  • Shakers separate solids of different sizes
  • Decanter centrifuge removes particles which cannot be eliminated by upstream shakers
  • Liquid from decanter centrifuge is sent to 3 phase disc separator to get water and oil. They are up to the requirement of relevant environmental code

If you have any oil sludge to be treated, please contact GN Solids Control for more information. We will work with you for an optimum design of oil sludge treatment system.

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