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GN Solids America LLC

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GN Solids Control has been the leading player in the solids control for oil and gas drilling and drilling waste management. It provides many systems for solids control for all kinds of oil and gas drilling activities and different system solutions for drilling waste management, and also for oil field waste management.

Recently GN Solids Control provided system solutions to a customer in the Untied States.

This is customer in drilling waste management, they accept waste of oil based mud and water based mud and turn them into dry solids, recovered oil and waste water.

For dry solids they will send to dumping site.

For recovered oil, they will send it to oil recycling station to turn them into useful materials.

For waste water, they will inject it into the underground formation to avoid the contamination of surface ground.

They used to mix drilling waste from oil based mud and water based mud. Shale shaker is the first set of equipment to remove big particles, Then they would use decanter centrifuge to remove fine particles so that the separated solids can be dumped. For liquid composed of oil and water, they sent it to recycling station at additional cost.

The challenge is chemicals to separate fine particles as there is both water and oil, which makes the separation process pretty complex and costly.

GN Solids Control helped them to setup two dedicated lines, one for oil based mud and the other one for water based mud only. Then only oil with small amount of water are obtained from decanter centrifuge. With disc separator, these water-contained oil is further processed, to remove the small portion of water with highly purified oil.

GN Solids Control also put a simple yet efficient line to process drilling from water based mud.

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