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GN Solids America LLC

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GN Solids Control, one of the major manufacturers for equipment in solids control, separation and conveying, recently shipped a 35,000BBL mud plant to an international drilling fluid company.

GN Solids Control began its business in the manufacturing of solids control equipment for oil and gas drilling. After years of accumulation in R & D work, manufacturing and fabrication, GN Solids Control becomes able to deliver complex mud plant and solids control system with worldwide adaptation.

The 35,000 BBL mud system is composed of the following sub-systems.

  1. Solids control module of mud plant. In this system there is a shale shaker, GNZS594F for drilling mud, a middle speed decanter centrifuge GNLW452D, and a high speed decanter centrifuge GNLW363C
  2. Mud mixing module. This module includes mud 4 sets of mud mixing centrifugal pumps, and 4 mud mixing hoppers
  3. Free-standing mud storage tanks. All together there are 70 tanks of 500BBL (80m3) each

All the above equipment is manufactured by GN Solids Control.

GN Solids Control has long product line, and can be roughly put into the following categories.

  1. Centrifugal separators. This sub product line includes the following
  • Decanter centrifuges (2 phase) up to 30” bowl diameter
  • Decanter centrifuges (3 phase) up to 22” bowl diameter with bigger bowl size available
  • Disc separators (2 phase)
  • Disc separators (3 phase)

Centrifugal separators by GN Solids Control has gone through extensive field application and has demonstrated outstanding performance and reliability.

  1. Shakers

GN Solids Control is also famous for its shakers, or what we call industrial vibrating screens. There are two major type of vibrating screens by GN Solids Control

  • Vibrating screens for oil and gas drilling
  • Vibrating screens for the dewatering of slurry

GN Solids Control has done wonderful job on the research, development and manufacturing of high performance vibrating screen for a very wide range of industrial applications with outstanding result

  1. Other equipment

GN Solids Control also manufactures a long line of other equipment. If you are interested in its products, please visit our website.



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