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GN Solids Control recently shipped vertical cutting dryer and the associated decanter centrifuge to an international drilling company. This combination of equipment is to be used to recycle oil based drilling cut and recover expensive oil based mud to the drilling process.

GN Solids Control accumulated great experience in the solids control technology for oil and gas drilling. It can manufacture high quality high performance mud systems. This project is another example of its capability in this field.

For oil based mud, it is expensive. First it is because of its base material, diesel. Secondly it is because of the additives added to the drilling mud to meet different requirement.

To finish a regular horizontal well, it would need about one million USD worth of drilling mud.

Therefore drilling rigs would like to recover as much oil based mud as possible.

There is a quite a bit of oil based mud attached to the surface of drilling cut. Usually the oil on cut (OOC) can be 15%. It can be a good saving if this OOC can be recovered.

GN’s vertical cutting dryer is for this purpose.

Drilling cut with oil based mud on it will be fed into vertical cutting dryer. With the strong centrifugal force, oil based mud on the surface of the drilling cut will escape from drilling cut and fly to the collecting barrel and transferred to decanter centrifuge. As there is still fine particles in the oil based mud slurry, further processing with decanter centrifuge is necessary to remove the fine particles and leave the separated oil based mud almost solids particle free, ready to be used again.

GN Solids Control’s vertical cutting dryer is quite efficient. From one of the field test, OOC can be reduced from 15% to 3-5%. If you consider the processing capability of the dryer, you can save a good amount of money. Field experience shows that on the average, about USD 4,000 can be saved from recovered oil based mud.


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