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GN Solids America LLC

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Add:6710 Windfern Road, Houston, TX 77040,USA


In the realm of solids control, GN Solids Control has introduced the GN Solids Vacuum Pump, a cutting-edge equipment for conveying high-solids content materials. While traditional pumps are limited to handling highly fluid liquids, many real-world projects require the transfer of low-flow, high-solids, and even granular dry substances, posing a challenge for conventional equipment. To address this market demand, the GN Solids Control team has developed a vacuum pump device driven by high-pressure air.

Powered entirely by high pressure air, this equipment not only transports liquids but also excels in handling materials with high viscosity or high solid content. This vacuum pump has garnered unanimous praise from customers and an increasing number of clients are interested in purchasing the GN Solids Vacuum Pump. To meet the fast delivery demands of customers, GN Solids Control has increased its inventory levels, thereby reducing delivery times.

Except the equipment, GN also store spare parts in GN China headquarter and also branch company.  Quick delivery and fast support for anytime. Actually, GN Solids Vacuum pump is more stable than traditional electrical pump, because it simple structure and GN always selected the big famous brand for supplier, high efficiency and stable.

Due to this pump was drive by air, so it can be used to transfer inflammable material or use it in some area where required high explosion proof. Actually ,GN already delivered hundreds vacuum pump to well drilling project in oil gas industry.

Furthermore, GN maintains a stock of vacuum pumps at its branches in the United States and Australia, providing faster access for local users. For materials with unclear performance, GN also offers testing services, allowing customers to purchase after satisfactory testing results. This service has greatly facilitated customers in the US market. Contact GN for more information on GN Solids Vacuum Pump.

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