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GN Solids Control recently shipped vacuum pumps to oil service company for the transfer of drilling waste.

The transfer of drilling waste has always been a challenge to oil and gas drilling. Drilling waste is pretty sticky, difficult to transfer. It is neither liquid nor solid, making it difficult to transfer them. Usually liquid can be transferred by pumps, solids can be transferred by conveyors. But what we are to use to transfer this half-solid half liquid sticky and viscous material.

The vacuum pump by GN Solids Control can effectively solve this problem. It uses compressed air of the power and generate negative pressure to suck in drilling waste and transfer it over a long distance.

The vacuum pump by GN Solids Control works under the principle of venturi pipe, high pressure compressed air flow throw a pipe and generate negative pressure, which can be used to suck material to be transferred, be it solids, liquid or half liquid-half solid material.

This is the uniqueness of the vacuum pumps by GN Solids Control.

Another advantage of the vacuum pump by GN Solids control is that it can transfer material over a long distance. By taking advantage of compressed air, the material inside the pump can be transferred over a long distance, say 500m or 1000m.

Flexibility adds to the features of the vacuum pumps. Usually pumps are installed in fixed location with hard pipe. This is suitable for a relatively fixed work environment. As the reverse side, there must be some situations where flexibility is the most important consideration. The vacuum pump by GN Solids Control provides this flexibility – it can be used anywhere if there is compressed air, and suck-in and discharge location can be changed anytime.

Please keep tuned with us for more stories about the vacuum pump of GN Solids Control.


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